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Dedicated customers who own a unique piece of jewelry from Basilla Rose or Kajiko genuinely want you to know how they feel about our products. Many thanks to all who have purchased my products!


"Literally have worn these almost every day  since you gave them to me!"


*(Birthday present)

 "I had a hammered ring made. It was her very first. She did am AMAZING job. I absolutely love it and get compliments on it almost daily!!! I will definitely be a repeat customer."



"This has been a fabulous purchase! I especially love wearing it in the summer sun as it catches the light so beautifully and just glows against my tanned skin. I wore it in the pool the other day and it was so glittery and gorgeous! It's lightweight and comfortable, I've been wearing it 24/7 and barely notice it, and the craftsmanship is just beautiful. I highly recommend it, and will be ordering another bracelet very soon!! It would make a really great gift--"



"I love this bracelet! It's lightweight and lovely! It can be worn with casual or dressy clothes. It's perfect!



 RE: chain maille:

"I just love the jewelry created by Basilla Rose!  I purchased a silver bracelet for my little sister as a gift and she receives compliments every time she wears it.  I loved the bracelet so much, I got one for myself and wear it every day.  Beautifully crafted and unique!"



 "A fantastic home business with an amazing artist at the head. Wonderfully made pieces at very reasonable prices. I have many pieces of hers and they are built to last! No cheap materials here...Worth every penny!"


 "I own multiple pieces of Jewelry from this company and I love them all! They are all hand made with love and attentions to detail. Rebecca is a craftswoman at heart and I have never seen anything I don't want to have for my own. I personally love that she was willing to hand make exactly what I wanted. The customization that she is able and willing to provide is just what I was looking for. If you want quality pieces of jewelry for reasonable pricing, then I would recommend her every time."


Grape Candy

 RE Earrings:

"I was on a search specifically for a certain color and style I like. Finally I found them on your site. Thank you for the prompt shipping, I look forward to wearing them!!"



"If you have a person on your gift list you don't know what to get, then get them a zipper pull. Really, you never knew you needed a zipper pull until you have one.  I love the color combination and intricate scroll work detail.  I'm hoping to see some zipper pulls offered on her web site, because I have some zippers that need some adornment!"  

Zoey McDougal