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Basilla Rose: How did we get here?

Hello and welcome to my online home! 

 My name is derived from both of my grandmothers: Julian Basilla (on my dad's side) and Rose Lavovna (from my mohter's side). I am big in to my ancestry and my Motherline, so using their names seemed right. I like to think I have inherited my love of teaching and art from both of these talented women.

I have taken many classes in a variety of jewelry making genres and am able to construct items from basic designs to complex patterns. In order to offer my customers the best product, I have chosen to focus on a few areas: Wirework, Precious Metal Clay (PMC), and Chain Mail. I also enjoy pearl knotting and may include this style into my website as I move along.  

I am very lucky to live in the Pacific Northwest, which allows me to enjoy a plethora of beautiful scenery. Visiting the Oregon coast is a mandatory 2 or 3 times a year and I love to stay in Oceanside or Manzanita. I am a rock hound, so I find that rocks seem to call to me when I am on the beach. I bring home many agates and jasper; both are native to Oregon. 

I opened up my shop at the end of 2007 and I also taught classes at several local bead stores. I have taken a break, formally, for the past few years while my husband and I raised our teenage children. I find that time allows me to focus on my passion and creativity again and with renewed vigor will begin this new venture. 

My original website began in early 2008 and I have also been on Etsy with my products. The jewelry I make mostly by myself, however, Kaijiko makes a number of Chain Maille items as well. Kijiko specializes in chainmaille but sometimes dabbles in PMC and wire work as well. Kajiko, in his free time, likes to think of himself as a photographer and does a lot with macro photography and will be doing the majority of the photography here at Basillawerks. He has lived in Spain for the last 3 years and is an ESL teacher as a full-time job and loves to travel. He's been to more than 20 countries to date and looks to add many more to the list.

I have also began to develop my skills in photography and have a passion for product photography as well as heirloom portraiture. Both of our interest  in photography (in part) grew out of the photography classes we took while attending Marylhurst University. I mostly shoot with digital cameras but more recently have begun to see the value in using older SLR and film cameras such as my Dad's Argus C3. I am beginning to have fun using other film cameras such as the Holga with a fish eye lens and the Diana camera from the '60s.

We both love to get our hands dirty, so to speak, and enjoy the craftsmanship of metal products. I am level 3 certified through PMC Connection. This means I can teach basic classes ~ which I love to do. My dream goal is to become a Master Certified PMC teacher and offer classes at the national convention level. 

Please feel free to contact me at: for any questions or special requests. 



Basilla Rose